ddmsrealm-fuo-firefly-universe-online-kickstart-badgeUPDATE 2/8/2013

From FUO’s Facebook page:

We have decided to cancel our funding Campaign at http://igg.me/fuo. Technical issues aside (which was completely embarrassing), IGG has a policy against Angel Investor Perks.

For almost a year now, our dozens of Fans at the DCMartyr Tier (our common term for an Angel Investor) have long enjoyed engaging in revenue-sharing strategies with our DarkCryo studio startup. Our many IGG Perks had featured – what our current Angel Investors like to refer to as – DCICs (our common acronym for percentages of equity). Unlike Stockholders, our Angel Investors have the privilege of writing up their own agreements with the DC Crew. By default, it the donations of an Angel Investor that fairly determine what percentage of equity will be disseminated amongst our family of DCMartyrs, and comes complete with prospectus, business plan, Crew resumes and credentials.

While presenting Angel Investment opportunities from a Group’s own startup site is common practice, it is against the terms of service at IGG for a Campaign page to reference any form of revenue-sharing projects. Admittedly, a complete oversight on our part. IGG had originally offered us the opportunity to “omit” all revenue-sharing references on our Campaign page, continue on as usual, and even offered to feature us on their home page! In doing so, we expressed our desire to still honour our commitment to our new DCMartyr Donors that – out of fairness – they too will still be joining our family of Angel Investors post-Campaign!

Having the Investor status omitted on their site where it is against policy, and then again reaffirmed on ours where it is perfectly legal, was simply too confusing; even for us! We exchanged dozens of emails and multiple phone conversations before succumbing to our final decision.

The good people at IGG have agreed it best to cancel the Campaign, and refund all contributions back to each Donor. Our Angel Investor program is unrivaled in the gaming industry, and as any current DCMartyr will tell you, a more advantageous Perk for them to keep than running a successful Campaign without it!

We would like to express our gratitude to all our Contributors, and to please let us know if you have not received a 100% refund by next weekend.


Do I have some exciting news! Not only is Firefly Universe Online still kicking, it has launched a FUO Kickstart Campaign to crowd source funding to push ahead full steam with development on this MMO inspired by Joss Whedon’s Firefly universe. It seems some of the kinks have been ironed out and they are continuing forward with this much anticipated MMORPG! This is great news for Browncoats as well as those that are not familiar with this fantastic setting.

Check out this video showing off all the amazing work they have already done on Firefly Universe Online.

Here are a few of the perks you can get by supporting Firefly Universe Online during their Kickstart campaign. See the official FUO Kickstart Campaign page for full details.

  • C$10 –DCFAN Plus
    • Digital download of Alpha stable release, and guaranteed reserve seating to future Beta release. Includes digital download of the game manual, and exclusive wallpaper. Features a DC Skeleton Key unlocking a lifetime of play with zero monthly or annual subscription fees, and includes tagging your Aliases with your current tier in the DC gaming portal and forums.
  • C$100 – DCMARTYR
    • Ingame currency of 50 additional Credits (100 total), and exclusive ingame Alpha Settler Clearance*. As a BONUS, receive the ingame CO Honourable Discharge Pack*, and your choice of the ingame Cowboy|Cowgirl Pack* or the ingame Companion Pack*. Perk also features the Gold Rush Investor Pack*, which includes starting issuance of 100 DCICs, stakeholder equity in all DC post-Beta revenue, and a Skeleton Key unlocking all donations to go toward DCICs at 1:1 ratio. Includes all previous tiers.
  • C$1,000 – DCDEITY
    • Ingame currency of 250 additional Credits (1000 total), and 1,000 additional reputation toward the faction of your allegiance. As a BONUS, receive the ingame exclusive Land Rush Pack* and upgrade to the Commemorative full size Box Set*, with your choice of 1 of 2 Circa Paleo gifts, the full colour hardcover of Atlas of the U’Verse, and hardcovers of all limited release Leaked Secret Documents*. Perk also features issuance of 250 additional DCICs (1000 total). Includes all previous tiers.

There are many more levels that you can join in at and many other ways to help.First and foremost please spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media that you participate in. Help to make Firefly Universe Online what it is meant to be!

To find out more check out the official Kickstart Campaing here: http://www.indiegogo.com/fuo

You can also find out more about this project here: http://darkcryo.com