fuo-changesThose of you that are Browncoats or have been watching DDM’s Realm may have seen mention a MMO that is in the works, Firefly Universe Online. This title has been struggling under several different developers and companies for years and it seems their newest champion, DarkCryo, is now struggling as well. It seems the powers that be at FOX have dropped the hammer on Firefly Universe Online and its future now appears grim.

It’s so completely frustrating to me when there are companies out there like DarkCryo that want to create a game out of the Firefly mythos with a large, surprising, cult following and companies like FOX and Universal will not hand over the rights to them. Neither of these companies plans to do anything with them but they insist on clutching onto the ownership even when there are others that want desperately to do something with them.

As frustrating as this all is Browncoats should not be accustomed to this kind of thing when it comes to the Firefly Universe, Serenity or other Joss Whedon projects in his earlier years. Let’s just hope with his recent success with Avengers and Cabin in the Woods that his projects in the future will get the attention and longevity they deserve. As for the project formerly known as Firefly Universe Online, we will just have to wait and see where this all goes.