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Dungeons and Dragons Top 10 XP and Loot

Lots of magic items!Use the Dungeons and Dragons Top 10 XP and Loot search to find the best XP and Loot runs in DDO! Find the right quests to run for any character level!

Select the level range of the quests you need and click “search” below. The best quests for Dungeons and Dragons Online will populate by highest XP potential and the highest amounts of chests you can get in a quest, including completing optionals and getting rare encounters. Pick a quest on both lists to maximize your efforts. Using both lists will help you level up quickly and get tons of great magic items!

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Top Ten Best Quests for XP

Quest Name Adventure Pack Level Length Normal XP Bonus XP Possible XP
The Lost Thread Complete Menace of the Underdark 21 Long 17,060 9,383 26,443
Impossible Demands Complete Menace of the Underdark 21 Medium 13,670 6,152 19,822
The Chamber of Raiyum Demon Sands 12 Very Long 6,400 14,720 21,120
Lost in the Swamp The Netherese Legacy 24 Medium 16,169 2,587 18,756
End of the Road The Netherese Legacy 24 Long 18,380 4,595 22,975
The Deal and the Demon The Demonweb 23 Medium 16,150 1,615 17,765
The House of Death Undone Complete Menace of the Underdark 22 Long 14,970 5,539 20,509
Portal Opens, The Complete Menace of the Underdark 22 Long 17,357 3,471 20,828
The House of Broken Chains Complete Menace of the Underdark 22 Long 15,993 3,998 19,991
Rest Stop The Netherese Legacy 24 Medium 13,430 1,477 14,907

Top Ten Best Quests for Chest Loot

Quest Name Adventure Pack Level Length Standard Chests Optional Chests Rare Chests Total Chests
The Shroud Vale of Twilight 17 Very Long 10 2 0 12
Irestone Inlet Free to Play 4 Long 8 0 3 11
Tempest's Spine Free to Play 10 Very Long 5 4 4 13
Gwylan's Stand Free to Play 7 Very Long 5 1 3 9
The Chronoscope Devil Assault 6 Long 5 2 0 7
Mired in Kobolds Free to Play 13 Medium 5 2
The Collaborator Free to Play 1 Short 4 0 3 7
Genesis Point Devils of Shavarath 19 Very Long 4 2 0 6
The Tower of Despair Devils of Shavarath 20 Very Long 4 1 0 5
The Twilight Forge Restless Isles 11 Very Long 4 1 0 5

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