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Dungeons and Dragons Online Quest Info

Dungeons and Dragons Online Double Decker BossHere at DDM’s Realm’s Quest Info Page for Dungeons and Dragons Online, you will find all the details and information of this DDO quest. You’ll discover information such as how much Favor the quest is worth and how many kills you need to get the highest possible Conquest XP bonus.

This quest information is always being changed and tweaked by the Dungeons and Dragons Online developers, so the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. However, the quest information is constantly checked, verified, and updated so it should as be up to date as possible. Also keep in mind that the stats listed here, such as how many chests or shrines are in a quest, are based off the quest on normal.

If you find something that needs to be corrected, please Email  or Post  in the DDO thread for this site and it will be updated ASAP.

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Sorry, but there is no quest like that in Dungeons and Dragons Online but don't go anywhere else! Try looking up another quest with DDM's Realm Dungeons and Dragons Online Quest Listing search page. You are sure to find something there that will rock you... er... rock. I'm sure you'll get lots of loot and XP!

I would like to toss a hearty shout out and thanks to Lost_Leader and his great quest guides!  You can see his work: HERE.

If you have any questions, comments or more information regarding this quest please let me know.

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