Dungeons and Dragons Online 5th Anniversary Event is back on live for 10 days, March 17th thru 27th! The celebration continues for this auspicious event and we are lucky enough to see the event back in action.

DDO Forum Announcement:

Make sure that you take advantage of this because we do not know when it will return, if it ever does. (I suspect it will be but not for a while.) This is a great opportunity to check out this live event and get those much sought after items you have wanted.

Be sure to check out DDM’s Realm Guides to make the most out of your time and maximize your gear potential. There is a great gear to be had by all levels so don’t let this slip by.

The Event:

Crystal Cove Quest Walkthrough:

Event Recipes:

Crafted Items:

Pirate Hate Crafting:

Thanks for the second round Turbine!