firefly-universe-online-title-2Have you ever wanted to work in the game industry? Do you want to get your hands dirty developing a MMO? Are you a Browncoat? Are you a true Firefly fan? If the answer is no, WHY NOT!

Now is your chance to get your foot in the door of the very competitive and difficult to enter video game industry! DarkCryo Entertainment, the developer that is working to organize the development of Firefly Universe Online (FUO), is looking for enthusiastic and talented game developers to add their efforts to this upcoming new MMO. Firefly Universe Online is taking unique and history making step by forming a network of indie developers to work on and create this game. They are looking for all kinds of talent from animators, to modelers, to voice talent, and quest writers just to name a few.

Join the Firefly Universe Online team and become a Big Damn Hero! There are many ways to get involved but the recruiting will close soon (Sept 15th). So get in while you can on the ground floor of this, soon to be, totally awesome and famous MMO, Firefly Universe Online.

Make sure to sign up and get an Ident Card (User ID/Login) and become one of the Browncoats.

Firefly - The Complete Series

Firefly - The Complete Series

Serenity -  Collectors Edition

Serenity - Collectors Edition

If you are not familiar with who a Browncoat is, what Firefly was or have never heard of Serenity, you are definitely missing out on a great universe dreamed up by Joss Whedon. It is a great, unique mix of science fiction with a old fashion western feel to it. There might be space ships flying around but the crew is still a group of people, fighting to survive on the new frontier. It is never to late to learn learn about Firefly and become a Browncoat!

Watch the series Firefly first, then watch the motion picture Serenity which is based about six months after the end of the series.

Need more Firefly swag to junk out on? Do you call yourself a Browncoat and say things are “shiny”? Check out more great Firefly information from the brilliant mind of Joss Whedon with a behind the scene look Firefly!

Find more in depth detail on the Firefly Universe.