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Neverwinter Launching for Playstation...

Neverwinter, the popular Dungeons and Dragons 4 Edition based MMO is coming to the Playstation 4! The official launch is on July 19th but you can sign up and get in early on July 12th. Here is the official Neverwinter Playstation 4 release announcement below. We’ve heard your pleas for a release date and we’re […]

Dungeons and Dragons Next: Rise of th...

Dungeons and Dragons Next: Rise of the Underdark

Along with the coming release of Dungeons and Dragons Next, the 5th edition set to be released mid to late 2012, comes a further advancement of the story. This next chapter is called Rise of the Underdark and is set to thrust the drow onto the surface world to wreak havoc and to finally claim […]

Update 13: Web of Chaos Released for ...

Update 13: Web of Chaos Released for DDO

Update 13: Web of Chaos has been released for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Update 13: Web of Chaos for DDO features a story of the Lords of Dust and the servants of the Spinner of Shadows. What nefarious plans do they have in store for Stormreach? Update 13: Web of Chaos is the lead up […]

The Format of Pathfinder Online

The Format of Pathfinder Online

As some of you may have heard there is another new Dungeons and Dragons based MMO on the horizon, Pathfinder Online. The licensing was announced recently and now we have a bit more information with this letter from Ryan Dancey about what we can expect from the Pathfinder MMO coming up. It looks as if […]

Pathfinder Online Announced

Pathfinder Online Announced

It seems another MMO may be coming our way in the future! Pathfinder is a system based off the Dungeons and Dragons 3.0/3.5 system. A company called Paizo owns the system, and they have announced that they have licensed their gaming system with Goblinworks to create a next generation MMO. By the sounds of it, […]

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