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Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter, St...

Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter, Star Wars TOR Tips, Guides, Videos, Walkthroughs and More!

DDM’s Realm is a fan site for the games I love to play. My newest addiction comes in the form of the newest Dungeons and Dragons MMO, Neverwinter. This new, free to play D&D MMO is set in the Forgotten Realms in one of the most famous areas, Neverwinter. With lush graphics, rich lore, and […]

Gnome Invasion for Dungeons and Drago...


Dungeons and Dragons Online has hit it’s 10th year anniversary! It has pushed through trials and tribulations to become one of the best fantasy MMO’s online. In this update they have added gnomes as a new playable race. Gnomes are something that players of Dungeons and Dragons Online have been asking for for a long […]

Sword Coast Legends Launches for Desk...

Sword Coast Legends Title

Sword Coast Legends launches today for desktops. It is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. It’s time to snatch it up and start playing! About Sword Cost Legends Set in the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast Legends offers an all-new way to enjoy the time-tested magic of playing Dungeons & […]

Dungeons & Dragons Update 27 ...

Dungeons & Dragons Update 27 – Trials of the Archons

Trials of the Archons, a Dungeons & Dragons Online Update has been released! This newest update touches on the eternal conflict between good and evil. Read below to find out all the great things that were changed for this update! Release Notes for Trials of the Archons Welcome to the Release Notes for Update 27! […]

Warlock’s Legacy – Update...

Warlock's Legacy - Update 26 for Dungeons and Dragons Online

Warlock’s Legacy, the 26th update for Dungeons and Dragons Online has been released and is ready to be played! Full Warlock’s Legacy Release Notes Welcome to the Release Notes for Update 26! These notes where published on Thursday, June 18th. Of Special Note: Introducing the Warlock Class! These Eldritch casters form pacts with powerful beings, […]

New Neverwinter Guide – How to ...


A Scourge Warlock is a brutal spell casting character in the popular MMO Neverwinter. They make pacts with the most evil, the most vile denizens of the lower planes in exchange for powerful damaging magic. Scourge Warlocks also gain the ability to curse the most powerful of enemy bosses. Last but certainly not least, their […]

Fyxt RPG Free Premium GM Promo

Fyxt RPG Launch Promo Code Deal The Fyxt RPG is finally live after a little over a year in beta! Thanks to everyone that helped make the Fyxt RPG awesome! To celebrate we want to offer a special launch promotion! Use the promo code:


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What's the difference between a free and premium account?

Basically premium accounts have more room for custom PCs, NPCs, Powers, and Items. See the details of the differences here.
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