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Neverwinter Treasure Map Guide

I have added a Treasure Map Guide to DDM’s Realm. This guide is to help players find Treasure Map locations from Map in a Bottle gained through fishing in the Sea of Moving Ice for Neverwinter. 

Neverwinter Treasure Map GuideTreasure Map Guide Image

Here is a great map that was put together from guild Vier Elemente and created by @imgeneralwei on instagram. 

Moved the location coordinates from the center of the maps to the edges so it was easier to see which map was which. Thank you for all the hard work!


For the comprehensive guide to finding treasure maps click here: Neverwinter Treasure Map Locations 

I will be adding videos for the more tricky treasures to find to help players find them fast and easy. 

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Please let me know any map locations that are still missing. Images and details on how to get them would be very much appreciated. I will update this guide until we have all of the Neverwinter Treasure Map locations. This way we can all get them fast and easily. Thanks and good luck on loot!

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